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The Constitution: Why We Must Preserve It

The United States Constitution has endured for over two centuries, and has inspired the world to embrace the American principles of personal liberty and individual freedom. It establishes your right to speak freely and believe what you wish, despite the controversial nature of those words and beliefs, through the First Amendment. It protects your right to arm yourself, despite the political onslaught to remove that right, under the Second Amendment. The Constitution also protects your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, protecting the sanctity of your home and allows you to travel unobstructed by police or other government agencies, under the Fourth Amendment. Sadly, all of these rights are under attack in the courts, and in the legislature, and your defense attorney is your primary safeguard against the erosion of this sacred document. In defending the rights of criminal defendants in court, we are together defending a much larger principle. We are defending the tradition of Personal Liberty and Individual Freedom that is the United States Constitution.


Arrested? Here Is What You Need To Know

Dealing with police can be intimidating, confusing, and downright frightening. When confronted by police, you have the right to remain silent. If you intend to exercise this right, respectfully inform the officers of this intent. You are not required to consent to any searches of your person, home, property, or vehicle, no matter what promises are made. If you are neither arrested nor being detained, you are free to leave. You have a right to a lawyer if you are being arrested. Demand to speak to a lawyer, immediately. Your immigration status has no bearing on your constitutional rights when confronted by police, protect them at all costs, while remaining respectful and cognizant of the job the police are trying to perform. Remember, all police have sworn to uphold the United States Constitution. In this regard, we are all working towards the same end goal, to preserve our personal liberties and individual freedoms, under the United States Constitution. Ask if you are being detained, or whether you are free to leave. Sign nothing. Be respectful, stay calm, and do not resist arrest.


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